2019 American Free Soil Party Platform


We, the members of the American Free Soil Party, hereby offer our Platform to the American people as we head into the 2020 national elections. We hope to have a presidential candidate on the ballot in a few states that have easy ballot access laws.




1. We affirm the personhood of all human beings from fertilization to natural death and oppose abortions not medically necessary.


2. We advocate adoption consideration and seek other alternatives to abortion. However, we oppose abusive and malicious behaviors toward women who have made the difficult decision to have an abortion.




1. We call for ballot access reform for all third-party candidates.


2. We call for the inclusion of all third-party candidates in Presidential debates if they achieve 10% in any three consecutive polls leading up to any scheduled debate.


3. We call for state reforms regarding the inclusion of third-party participation in local and state elections.


4. We call for an end to political action committees.


5. We call for an end to lobbyist access to all elected officials.




1. We oppose capital punishment. 


2. We oppose plea bargaining and time off for good behavior.


3. We support life sentences for murder, rape, child sexual abuse, arson where human lives are directly in danger, and other violent crimes against an individual.


4. We call for the criminal justice system to be certain one is guilty of a crime before incarceration.


5. We support the immediate placement in solitary confinement for the remainder of any prisoner's term should he or she commit rape or any other act of sexual assault. 


6. We also oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.


7. We support stiffer penalties for those who commit animal cruelty.


8. We call for an end to incarceration for all those who commit victimless crimes substituting incarceration with heavy fines and community service.


9. We support a minimum of 10 years in prison for all who use firearms in the commission of a crime not resulting in death or injury.


10. We oppose all seat belt laws for those over the age of 18.


11. We support mandating seat belt use for those under the age of 18 in any mode of transportation on all public roads.


12. We further call for providing public defenders with equal access to resources as those of prosecutors.




1. We call for an end to diplomatic immunity.


2. All foreign diplomats who commit crimes on American soil must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


3. We support reciprocity on this issue.




1. We support the right of parents to homeschool their children. However, we support requiring all who homeschool to have at least a bachelor’s degree.


2. We support caps on tuition for post-secondary education.


3. We support free tuition for the first two years of college for all students who graduate from high school with at least a “B” average.


4. We support free tuition for the remaining two years for all community college students who graduate with at least a “B” average.


5. We support tuition caps on college tuition.


6. We call for all four-year colleges to establish job placement services on their campuses that diligently work to find employment for all their graduates.




1. We support a mixed economy.


2. We believe in capitalism but also believe in safety nets due to income taxation. Without taxation, one may be able to provide for his or her family without government assistance. Until changes in or the elimination of taxation occur, we support assistance to all who need help with food, housing, medical treatment, and other necessities of life. 


3. We call for an end to corporate welfare.




1. We call for an end of Eminent Domain except where public safety is an issue. In cases where Eminent Domain is exercised, we support fair and just compensation to the property owner to be determined by the property owner and the property owner's mortgage company or any other property assessor.




1. We believe we are stewards of the earth and all its natural resources. We, therefore, call for all American citizens to protect the environment by being responsible.


2. We urge all Americans to avoid littering, wasting energy, polluting the air and water streams, and using clean energy.


3. We call for the thinning out of our forests to limit the number of forest fires.




1. We believe it is undemocratic and immoral to discriminate against any human being or to deny basic human rights, privileges, and freedoms to anyone, including the right to live and work in America.


2. We support equal opportunity for all with special privileges to none. 


3. We call for civility in the political arena and for common human decency and respect towards those with whom we disagree.   




1. We support the right of all Americans to marry the person of his or her choice.


2. We urge all Americans to separate their personal religious or moral views from the Constitutional rights of other Americans. We believe one can oppose gay marriage while supporting the rights of gays to marry.


3. We support gay adoption. We believe a child is better off in a loving home rather than in an abusive home or in a residential facility where physical and sexual abuse reports are not uncommon.




1. We support the Second Amendment but are not delusional. We find it reprehensible that gun violence is on the increase and that firearms are so easily obtainable. We, therefore, support reasonable gun control in conjunction with requiring mental health evaluations for all who desire to purchase firearms as well as requiring all potential firearms owners to take gun safety courses on a yearly basis.


2. We support gun licensing reciprocity in all 50 states.




1. We believe every American should have access to adequate and affordable healthcare.


2. We oppose government mandates; support pre-existent condition coverage; we oppose copays, deductibles, and other out of pocket expenses for all who pay monthly premiums for healthcare.


3. We support the right of all to use alternative treatments and medications not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  




1. We support legal immigration.


2. We support strengthening our borders.


3. We oppose, however, the building of a wall on the Southern border preferring more modern, highly advanced technological methods; we oppose immigration detention centers; we oppose the separation of immigrant families; we oppose deportations except for other criminal activities, and we oppose any other abusive treatment towards all immigrants.


4. We support a pathway to citizenship; we support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy; we support the citizenship status of all babies born in America.




1. We support the right of every American who wants a job to have one available.


2. We support labor unions but also support right to work laws.


3. We believe every laborer should make a livable wage. Therefore, we support yearly increases in the minimum wage.




1. We support the American military for defense of our nation.


2. We do not support regime change or American military intervention into the affairs of other nations. Our only exception to this is following the principle of The Responsibility to Protect, the belief that all nations have a moral obligation to prevent genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and other crimes against humanity. We do, however, believe that only those who volunteer for this military action should be deployed.


3. We oppose torture unless a human life is imminently in danger.




1. We believe those currently on Social Security should receive an immediate $300 increase.


2. We support the rights of those who qualify for Social Security to receive 100% of their entitlement should they decide upon early retirement.




1. We support the right of all veterans to receive free healthcare.


2. We oppose all copays for treatment, medications, and hospitalizations.


3. We support the right of all veterans to use any doctor or medical facility at the expense of the Veterans Administration.


4. We support the right of all homeless veterans to receive government housing and food.




1. In theory, we have a libertarian attitude towards all drugs. However, until the laws currently on the books are strictly enforced regarding irresponsible legal drug use, we do not currently support the legalization of Cannabis except for medical Marijuana. The failure of the criminal justice system to effectively deal with DUI drivers, alcohol-related domestic abuse and sexual abuse, as well as other alcohol-related acts of violence convinces us that our current position is the right one.




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