The American Free Soil Party, founded  April 10, 2014, by Rev. James  Clifton, Ph.D., is the successor to the Free Soil Party that existed between 1848-1854. The Party was founded in Buffalo, New York as a third party focusing on a single issue: Opposition to the expansion of slavery into the western territories. The Party believed that free people on free soil were a morally and economically superior system to slavery. They opposed "slavery in the territories" and were in strict agreement with the Wilmot Proviso. They also sought to abolish laws that discriminated against former slaves.


The Party ran two candidates for President. In 1848, they ran former President Martin Van Buren for President and Charles Francis Adams, son of former President John Quincy Adams, for Vice-President. The ticket garnered 291,501 votes or 10.1% carrying no states and earning no electoral votes. In 1852, the Party ran New Hampshire Senator  John P. Hale for President and former Indiana Congressman George W. Julian, for Vice-President. The ticket won 155,210 votes or 4.9% carrying no states and earning no electoral votes.


Both national campaigns ran on the platform of  "Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor and Free Men" declaring "We will fight on and fight ever, until a triumphant victory shall reward our exertions." The Party believed slavery was undemocratic and should be contained believing containment would eventually lead to abolition. The Free Soil Party was the Party of some of America's most notable citizens. Members included poets William Cullen Bryant, Walt Whitman, and John Greenleaf Whittier; the educator Horace Mann; Ohio Senator Salmon P. Chase; future GOP presidential candidate John C. Fremont; and, abolitionist Charles Sumner.



The revival of the Free Soil Party as the American Free Soil Party was necessitated by the maltreatment of immigrants, especially Hispanics, the continued discrimination towards blacks, women, Muslims, and the gay community, espeically in the area of marriage equality. The American Free Soil Party is also concerned about the vile attacks upon Christians, conservative black men and women, and the the unjustified attacks on liberals as "un-patriotic."


We also urge all to exercise extreme caution when using the word "homophobe" and simply request that everyone understands there are people of faith who genuinely believe homosexualtiy is morally wrong and do so without engaging in "gay bashing" or cruelty to the gay and lesbian community.


The American Free Soil Party stands solidy against true homophobia. Our Party believes that every one who sets foot within and resides on American soil has the right to be treated with dignity, respect, and honor. We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. To this end, we support full and equal access to resources prosecutors have to all who must depend on public defenders. We also oppose capital punishment.


 We believe it is undemocratic and immoral to discriminate against any human being or to deny basic rights, privileges, and freedoms to anyone, including the right to live and work in America. We support equal opportunity for all with special privileges to none. We denounce deportation except in the cases of violent criminal behaviors, tax evasion,  trafficking in the drug trade or engaging in human trafficking.


We call for civility in the political arena, for common human decency and respect towards those with whom we disagree, for bipartisanship to be the order of the day, and for ballot access reform.



The American Free Soil Party invites you to join us. If you are interested in becoming a state party chair, please contact our National Chairman. If you are interested in running for office as a Free Soiler, please let us know. We encourage candidates sharing our views to seek office on all levels. Due to being a new Party, ballot access will be difficult so running as an Independent proclaiming affiliation with the American Free Soil Party is the most feasible way to proceed. If you are currently running for office and want our endorsement, please  us: chairman<at>americanfreesoilparty<dot>org



 Ballot access laws favor the two-party system in America. Many third parties do not have the resources to become ballot qualified in most states. Therefore, the American Free Soil Party will, on occasion, endorse third party and independent candidates with whom we are in general agreement believing once elected to office they will fight for fair election laws.


To this end, we are announcing our first candidate endorsement, Tisha Casida, independent running for the Colorado third district congressional seat. While we have major disagreement with her position on immigration, we believe, as stated earlier, she will work for fair ballot access laws and other issues which we share in common.


The American Free Soil Party has decided to endorse Greg Orman for U. S. Senate from the state of Kansas for his economic and foreign Elliot Cutler for Governor  of Maine  for his educational and economic proposals; Evan Falchuk for Governor of Massachusetts for his economic proposals; Marianne Williamson for Congress in California's 33 Congressional District for her positions on marriage equality, education, and the economy; Howie Hawkins for Governor of New York for his positions on full funding for public defenders' offices, immigration rights, and ballot reform ; Larry Pressler, who proved incorruptible during his term, as he seeks to once again serve his state in the Senate; Josh Ramirez for Congress in Washington's 4th Congressional District for his position on lobbyists; Nathan LaFrance for U.S. Senate in Arkansas for his position on term limits; Hannah Nicollett for Governor of Minnesota for her position on education; and, Nick Troiano for Congress in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District for his refusal to accept contributions from PAC's, corporations, and lobbyists; his position on marriage equality; his position on capital punishment; and his position on abortion.



The American Free Soil Party believes the American political system is corrupt. In an effort to address  this issue, we do NOT accept donations or contributions. We have no treasurer, no budget, and no expenses. We believe contributions and donations should only go to candidate committees and that political parties should have no other function than providing a platform addressing issues and offering candidates an "umbrella" to run under.


The American Free Soil Party is a 100% strictly voluntary organization paying no salaries or  monies for any work on behalf of the Party.